2023 Pre-Conference Workshop I

Sunday, May 14, 2023

2:00 pm PDT
(tentative time)

Psychedelic Patents—Avoiding Controversy While Achieving Defensible and Enforceable IP

Most will agree that patents are necessary for drug development, because without the reward of exclusivity, the investment in trials can be impossible to justify, and new drugs may never reach the market. But how can strong IP be built around known psychedelic compounds, or even variations of them, especially in a crowded field with many close competitors, with significant uncertainties around REMS—and in view of controversies around whether patents should be granted on psychedelics at all? How can a patent strategy be best designed to account for these difficulties, while taking advantage of regulatory exclusivities and other incentive mechanisms to bring innovative therapeutics into the clinic and to patients?
Workshop Leaders
Graham Pechenik, JD
Graham Pechenik, JDFounder, Patent Attorney
Calyx Law
Greg Dwulet
Greg DwuletPatent Agent
Calyx Law
Shahin Shams
Shahin ShamsData Curator
Porta Sophia
Matt Zorn
Matt ZornPartner
Yetter Coleman
Matias Serebrinsky
Matias SerebrinskyCo-Founder
Psymed Ventures

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