2024 Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Navigating the Psychedelic Patent Landscape: Strategies for Innovation and Protection

In this workshop, we will explore the patent sphere for psychedelic inventions and intellectual property, comprehensively assessing the technological landscape and patentability requirements and challenges. Expert guidance will navigate through the importance of drafting claims that do not infringe upon the public domain, third-party interventions that challenge patent rights, and strategies to mitigate such risks to ensure efficient IP acquisition. Ideal for researchers, legal professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs in the psychedelic field, this workshop offers unique and insightful tools for anyone looking to gain knowledge and resources to innovate and protect their contributions to the psychedelic space confidently.

Workshop Leaders

Juliet Meccia
Juliet MecciaData and Patent Analyst
Porta Sophia
Jeremy Rolquin
Jeremy RolquinChemistry Data and Patent Analyst
Porta Sophia
Graham Pechenik
Graham PechenikFounder & Registered Patent Attorney

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